Blues Harp Women celebrated in album

Ruf Records have confirmed the release of a double-album that celebrates female harmonica players.

Blues Harp Women has been under production for years after US DJ Norman Davis began an investigation into why so few of them reached public awareness.

He reports: “Big Mama Thornton is responsible – I played one of her tracks on my radio show, heard a nice harmonica solo and checked the liner notes to see who it was. It was Big Mama! It was the first time I recall hearing a woman playing blues harp, and it set the wheels turning in my head.”

He set up the the website to chart his progress, until the concept of a compilation record was suggested. “It’s taken a few years – working with 30-plus artists can get very complicated,” says Davis. “But finally the album is finished and is about to become a unique part of music history.

“I hope this album will shed some light on what has been a black hole in the blues universe. It proves that, as with other instruments, women are the equal of men on the harmonica. Perhaps this will help them get the attention that has passed them by in the past.”

Blues Harp Women will be released on December 4 and it’s available for pre-order now.


Disc 1

  1. Harmonica Girl – Paula Rangell
  2. Roadmaster – Roxy Perry
  3. Heavy Water – Stacy Jones Band
  4. Down Home Shakedown – Big Mama Thornton
  5. 32-20 Blues - Lynnann Hyde
  6. Down To The Hollow – Trina Hamlin
  7. Stop! Wait A Minute – Tracy K
  8. One More Lie – Teresa ‘T-Bird’ Lynne
  9. Naughty Girl – Octavia
  10. Why You So Mean To Me – Kat Baloun
  11. Ain’t Easy – Beth Kohnen
  12. Stuck On You – Jane Gillman
  13. Mechanical Beast – Zola Moon
  14. Please Call Daddy – Mattie Phifer
  15. Sadder Than Sad – Dorothy Jane ‘DJ’ Gosper

Disc 2

  1. Cash Is King – Jenny Kerr
  2. Blues Got Me – Cheryl Arena
  3. Lookin’ Good – Annie Raines
  4. He’s Gone – Marion Turner
  5. Meet Me Where They Play The Blues – Terry Leonino
  6. Crazy Maisie – Dana Dixon
  7. Everybody’s Dancing – Beata Kossowska
  8. Take The Lead – Jill Fromewick
  9. Never Leave Me Home – Diana Redlin
  10. Summertime – Christelle Berthon
  11. Hit The Road – Judy Rudin
  12. Doctor C – Cecilia Loforti
  13. Rikers Island – Maria Coyote
  14. Fast Food Mama – Jackie Merritt
  15. Bring It On Home (To Me) – Big Nancy
  16. Rhonda Alla Blue – Rhonda Rucker
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