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Black Sabbath's Iron Man is latest victim of stylophone cover craze - and it's great

“I really do feel that when you listen to Iron Man, what you’re getting is the essence of what made Black Sabbath such a special band,” Geezer Butler once told Classic Rock. “It’s fairly simple, yet also has a lot of depth. I’m very proud of what we achieved.”

Quite what Geezer would make of the song's latest incarnation is anyone's guess, but YouTuber maromaro1337 has come up with a version of the Sabbath classic that takes it in an entirely new direction: he's performed it on the Stylophone.

The cover arrives in the wake of maromaro1337's previous sonic skullduggery, which has involved bringing his Stylophone magic to bear on a thrusting version of Rammstein's classic Sonne (with added pyro), a freakish take on Motorhead's Ace Of Spades, and an outlandish romp through AC/DC's Thunderstruck

"This one took longer than expected," says maromaro1337, "because: 1) This song is almost six minutes long! 2) Every 4-8 bars there is a tempo change 3) The solos are horrible to play on the Stylophone. 

"So sorry for the wait, but as you can see it was not easy. Aside from that I still had some fun while doing it!"

It is fun. And we have no hesitation in suggesting that you whack up the volume, relax, and enjoy maromaro1337's gleefully demented work.