Bizkit DJ wants award back


Despite a plea on social media last year, there’s still no sign of the MTV Video Music Award belonging to former Limp Bizkit DJ Leor Dimant.

The nu-metal outfit won the Best Rock Video award in 2001 for Rollin’ and the trophy had been on display at Dimant’s Backstage Bar & Billiards in Las Vegas until it was stolen last October.

And Dimant, aka DJ Lethal, is still desperate to get his prized possession back.

He says: “It still hasn’t turned up. It was screwed down and mounted. This was during the first few weeks of opening and we didn’t have security cameras set up. There was an afterhours party and we really don’t know how it disappeared.”

Dimant is desperate to get the award back and says its return would mean everything to him.

He continues: “Who would do something like that? I worked so hard for it – it’s like a Super Bowl ring for musicians.”

Along with his time in Limp Bizkit and House Of Pain, Dimant has also worked with artists including Evanescence and Run DMC and he heads out on tour next month.

DJ Lethal tour dates

Sep 18: Manchester 5th Avenue

Sep 19: Jersey Havana

Sep 20: Birmingham Subside

Sep 22: Portsmouth Astoria

Sep 26: Haverfordwest Eddie’s Leisure

Sep 27: Liverpool Krazy House