Anselmo looks to 'ambitious' EP No.3

Earlier this week TeamRock brought you an exclusive stream of Down IV Part 2, released on Monday – but frontman Phil Anselmo is already thinking about how their next EP might come together.

Hear the stream now, complete with riff counter.

He thinks the last section of final track Bacchanalia might offer a hint to where the band are going next, although he believes they won’t know until the time comes to start work.

Anselmo tells Artist Direct: “I’ll say this – the outro to Bacchanalia, we’re looking at that is a bridge to the third EP.

“Right now I’m guessing there will be some more ambitious songwriting. Not that we would ever stray too far from what Down does. Down is a band that has many dynamics to it, whether it’s heavy metal or straight-up acoustic numbers. We can do many things within in the genre.”

He reports that most of the material on Part 2 was written “off the cuff” rather than having been collected over a period of time, and he believes that’ll be the case for the next instalment.

“I like things to be spontaneous, not too thought-out or planned completely in advance,” says the former Pantera vocalist. “The mood we’re in will set the tone for the third EP. I’ll put it like this: the third EP will be very interesting.”

Down IV Part 2 is available for can pre-order the EP from Amazon and iTunes.

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