Ancient working on 'masterpiece'


Ancient are hard at work on an album frontman Zel described as a “masterpiece”.

The Norwegian band have been recording their comeback record at Alpha-Omega Studio in Italy and Jacob Hansen’s studio in Denmark. Zel says his vocals are among the best he has ever recorded.

The album has a working title of Chapter VII: Back From The Land Of The Dead.

He says: “By far the best vocals I have done for Ancient. Recording at the Hansen studios, with the great set ups, effects etc. somehow brings out the beast in me again, you will hear.

“Recording with Jacob really made me start to enjoy the vocalist role again, a feeling stronger than I have had for years now.

“The recordings have taken more time than expected, but the way it goes now, this album is turning out to be a serious masterpiece and we absolutely want to give it all the time and attention necessary before making the final master. The wait has been long and stressing for us, but it will be very worth it.”

He adds that the songs are even more aggressive than Ancient’s last album, 2004’s Night Visit.