Acid Bath in reunion talks


Influential sludge-doom outfit Acid Bath could be getting back together for the first time since 1997 – but there are still arguments to be had, says guitarist Sammy Duet.

Rumours surfaced after drummer Jimmy Kyle claimed the band were looking for a vocalist, since original frontman Dax Riggs didn’t want to take part.

But Duet says the announcement was premature – and if there is a reunion, it’ll purely be as a tribute act, since the band had split following the death of Audie Pitrie in a car crash.

The guitarist says: “Jimmy Kyle created that post without prior discussion with Mike Sanchez or myself. Acid Bath is not looking for a vocalist.

“There is no Acid Bath without Audie – so there will never be new material. Most of the surviving members have been considering a possibility of doing some shows as an Acid Bath tribute band.

“Nothing had been set in stone and it’s still just an idea. Unfortunately Dax declines to be part of such a tribute. We respect Dax and his decision.”

Duet, who’s currently a member of Goatwhore, thanks fans for their continued support and adds: “If we decide to put together a tribute band, the vocalist will be carefully chosen. But it’s way to dearly to discuss at this time.”

Despite only releasing two albums – 1994’s When The Kite String Pops and 1996’s Paegan Terrorism Tactics – Acid Bath remain influential for their experimental approach to heavy music.