Abhorrent Decimation and Bernie Clifton make up after CD blunder

Abhorrent Decimation and Bernie Clifton
Abhorrent Decimation and Bernie Clifton

Abhorrent Decimation and ostrich-riding entertainer Bernie Clifton have put their CD mix-up behind them.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the 80-year-old’s CD of cover versions was mistakenly printed with the tracklist of the death metal outfit’s latest album Miasmic Mutation instead.

Clifton said he was “fuming and furious” about the mix-up, adding: “What a cock-up. It has been a nightmare to sort out and has cost me a fortune to reprint the 1000 CDs. My act has never been described as an Abhorrent Decimation and I’m too scared to even listen to their songs.”

But despite the printing error, Clifton invited the band to his Sheffield home for tea and bacon sandwiches where they joked about the situation.

Abhorrent Decimation frontman Ashley Scott says: “What a wonderful blunder. We can’t control many things in this weird and wonderful life. Fancy a death metal band getting such exposure from a national treasure in an ostrich suit.”

Clifton adds: “Suddenly I feel my life is changing. If only my Auntie Nora was still around to see it.”

Signed copies of the misprinted CD will be auctioned for charity, with details to be revealed in due course.

Miasmic Mutation can be streamed and ordered via Abhorrent Decimation’s BandCamp page.