Why I Love Meshuggah’s Chaosphere, by Carpenter Brut

Meshuggah - Chaosphere
(Image credit: Nuclear Blast)

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It’s no secret that synthwave kingpin Carpenter Brut is a longtime metal fan who brings heaviness and volume to the dancefloor, even supporting Ghost on their 2016 tour. And in case anyone is doubting his credentials, his knowledge goes deep. Here, he salutes Meshuggah’s 1998 album Chaosphere – the gold standard of 90s tech-metal.

Carpenter Brut: “For me, this album is the best definition of what metal should be. It’s cerebral, difficult to understand, without compromise, violent in its singing, cold – a “tunnel with no lights”.

At the time, no other band had released such an implacable and cold album, so massive and rhythmically sick… and crazy. I was in high school when it came out. If you were looking stand out from the crowd, it was perfect since few people could understand what was going on musically.

Its impact on me was immediate, like a good old-fashioned punch in the face. Meshuggah always influences me, even now, because they’re a measure of what is classy and what isn’t. Obviously, it’s less evident in my music since it’s far from being as surgical as what they do.

Chaosphere turned the metal scene right around because it had a style that had never been heard before. In my opinion, it influenced a whole scene that was much less interesting. Bands put everything into the rhythmics while adding ugly melody parts in order not just copy/paste Meshuggah’s work, but the soul of this band makes them untouchable. It’s not by imitating Meshuggah that one becomes Meshuggah.”