Who the hell are Chuggaboom?

The self-proclaimed “UK Metalcore saviours” are either the best or worst thing you’ll hear this week – depending on your opinions toward Issues and Attila.

In the same vein as punk pisstakers The Hell, Chuggaboom are also anonymous in their pastiche of metalcore. Of course it’s not metalcore like Killswitch Engage or Atreyu, this is the divisive world of Emmure and Attila-esque growls, rapping, chugging and questionable lyrics.

Lyrics that are parodied below in Chuggaboom’s first official single Raise The Roofie. Standout lines include:

“I half scream bollocks in this microphone” “I eat lots of ice cream ‘cause I’m lonely” “I want to eat more food” “I smoke and drink and shit, how rock ‘n’ roll is this?” “I wish I was in Issues because then I could have lots of more synth like this yeah”

According to the press release we received, they’re purveyors of “awesomecore” and are inspired by “Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack (RIP), 90’s Cartoons and bitches.“ Decide for yourself if it’s your thing. But we doubt this will be the last you hear from Chuggaboom.