What happens when you host a stand up comedy night in the middle of a mosh pit

Two Minutes To Late Night host Gwarsenio Hall holds a stand up night in a mosh pit

This summer, we discovered a pilot for what is potentially the most metal chat show that has ever been made: Two Minutes To Late Night.

The show – the brainchild of Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman – have filmed a new segment called ‘Open Up This Mic’. It takes the format of a regular stand up comedy show and throws it into the whirling chaos of a Skeletonwitch mosh pit at Saint Vitus bar in Brooklyn, New York.

For this group of professional comedians – Joon Chung, Daniel Perafan, Lucie Steiner, Chris Donahue, Tim Duffy, Katie Rose Leon and James Folta – there’s no time for quiet contemplation in-between jokes. Once they take to the floor, they must live on their wits and deliver their brief sets before being shoved and elbowed into the sweaty pack.

“We just thought it would be a really fun challenge to make comedians try and perform their set in the worst possible environment,” says Jordan, who stars as the corpse-painted host Gwarsenio Hall. “We ended up getting the shit beat out of us and I’m gonna start going to therapy.”

“We still don’t have any money,” adds Drew. “Notice that Lucie’s hockey helmet still had the tag on so we could return it. Thanks, Amazon Prime!”

Check it out below!

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