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Watch this utter genius knock on doors in the style of Slayer, Metallica, Sabbath and more

So you think you’ve got the whole knocking on doors things nailed? Think again, Dunstan.

Decrepit Birth drummer Sam Paulicelli – aka YouTuber 66 Samus – has dropped the week’s finest video.  How Drummers Knock On Doors sees this god amongst men knocking on – oh yes! – doors in the style of various rock and metal bands, from Metallica, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin to Slayer, Pantera and Morbid Angel.

In honesty, it's tame compared to 66 Samus’ previous exploits - playing Metallica and AC/DC songs using dildos for drumsticks. But in the absence of anything else happening right now, we'll take it. And we’ll definitely be putting it into practice the next time we leave the house.

Check out How Drummers Knock On Doors below.