Watch this man cover Eleanor Rigby on guitar and synth at the same time

Gabriel Guardian

“I always loved The Beatles, even as a kid” says Texan musician Gabriel Guardian. “Their music made a very special impact on me growing up, very happy to finally be able to do a cool video of one of their songs!”

Cool videos are what Gabriel specialises in. By day he’s the guitarist in metal quartet Immortal Guardian, but in his spare time he employs his trademark trick of playing guitar and keyboard simultaneously to make films in which he tackles songs such as Sweet Child O’ Mine, The Trooper and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Next up for the dual-instrumental treatment is The Beatles’ 1966 classic Eleanor Rigby. Originally a heart-breaking treatise on loneliness and the treatment of the elderly, in Guardian’s ambidextrous hands it becomes something altogether more bombastic, a festival of fleet-fingered soloing filmed in front of a cathedral.

We imagine Paul McCartney would be delighted.

Watch this man cover The Trooper on guitar and synth at the same time