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As members of the Big Four, Anthrax could have coasted for decades merely on being thrash metal pioneers. Instead, their four-decade career attests to an appetite for sonic expansion which has seen them team up with hip-hop heroes Public Enemy (long before nu metal had dressed down in baggy jeans and tracksuits), branch into alt-metal with singer John Bush and generally provide millions of fans worldwide with massive smiles and howl-along heavy metal anthems in the likes of Caught In A Mosh, I Am The Law and Metal Thrashing Mad

With fans ranging from Gene Simmons to Lady Gaga, Keanu Reeves to Corey Taylor and so many more (and that's just the figures featured in the band's latest tour video), and a career that has seen them headline arenas around the world on the almighty Clash Of The Titans tour we figured there could be no better way of deciding on the greatest Anthrax song than by asking you, the discerning metal fan to help us crown the ultimate anthem from East Coast's thrash kings. 

Below you'll find just about every song that Anthrax have ever written (minus a few instrumental intros) in a sprawling votable form. What's more, we're offering you the chance to pick out a ten-track best of to crown the winner. So if you're a Metal Thrashing Maniac, a champion for Bush era anthems Safe Home or Riding Shotgun or just really want to point out how great I'm The Man is (there's always one), get picking and have at our Etovnikufesin!

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