Vote for the best My Chemical Romance song ever

A portrait of My Chemical Romance
(Image credit: Naki/Getty Images)

Over the course of four studio albums, two live albums, three compilation albums and six EPs, My Chemical Romance established themselves as the most adventurous band of the mid-2000s emo boom. They built entire universes for themselves to exist in, before dismantling them and starting all over again with the dawn of each new My Chem era. They showed far more ambition and scope than anyone might have reasonably expected from five emo kids from New Jersey. 

From their rough and ready debut through to the neon-tinged theatrics of the Fabulous Killjoys, each My Chem era had its own finely-tuned look and sound, and fans will fight to the death defending the era they love the most. That's why, when trying to work out which My Chem songs come out top of the pack, we decided to hand the decision over to the people who know best: you lot. 

We've listed each of the songs My Chem recorded below, including covers and some alternate versions and demos – though we've left out spoken word skits, interludes or outros. If you want to be a real completist about it, there's an option to add your own entries if your favourite happens to not have made the list. 

You can vote for five songs, so make them count. Check back in the coming weeks to see if your favourites made the final cut. 


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