Vote for the best Brian Johnson AC/DC song ever

(Image credit: Josh Cheuse)

Brian Johnson had some pretty big shoes to fill when he joined AC/DC. We all know the story by now – following the death of the impossibly charismatic Bon Scott in February of 1980, the band swiftly replaced him with Johnson and powered through to turn around the Back In Black album just a few months later that same year – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Johnson was more than just a replacement, though. Over the course of 40 years and 11 studio albums, Johnson has become one of the most beloved voices in rock's history, responsible for some of the band's most iconic anthems. 

But now, of all that music, we want to know what's the very best. We've listed every AC/DC album track Johnson was involved with below – that's 125 songs in total – but in case you think we've missed a deep cut, or a live version really just has to be considered in the final list, we've also left a field open for your own suggestions. Fill your boots. You get three choices each, so make 'em count.

The results will be published in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled to see how your favourites fared. 

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