Video Breakdown: Slipknot – Duality

This is the Duality video by Slipknot

Bought a house? Are you house proud and prone to a bit of tidying up? This 2004 Slipknot video will probably make your eye twitch.

Directed by Tony Petrossian, the Duality video cost an estimated $500,000 and was shot at a Des Moines home that was to due to be renovated. Their fans got a bit carried away and smashed the whole place to bits. Still, it made for one of the band’s most compelling videos. We’re just glad we didn’t have to tidy up…


The video opens with a shot of a topless lad. He’s muddy, out of breath and seems vexed. He starts running towards something.


There’s a few hundred more people behind him. Some are shirtless and angry. Some wear shirts but are just as annoyed. They’re running towards us and look like they have no intention of stopping. Would a plate of biscuits placate them? How many biscuits are in the house? Should’ve done the big shop yesterday. How embarrassing.


Ah, there’s the reason next door’s dogs are going apoplectic. That’ll be Slipknot who are playing a gig in someone’s house. Let’s hope the ornaments have been put away securely, because these things tend to get out of hand. Remember when Keith brought his acoustic guitar to that barbecue and scraped the wall?


There’s Clown, head is wrapped in bandages, and he’s waving a baseball bat around in a crowded room – a complete health and safety nightmare. Imagine coming into work and doing that. People would hide in the kitchen and gossip.


They’re coming in through the kitchen window now. It’s like that time we had the problem with next door’s cat, remember? It had alopecia and was a bit incontinent. Terrible business. This lot look fine. Just enthusiastic, really. It’s not often Slipknot play in your street.


Maureen, the devil’s here. Maureen? Look mate, she’s not in.


“When this video is all done and we’ve had a tidy up, let’s have a nice game of basketball. Oh, good. The backboard is reduced to a pile of nothing. Thanks guys.”


I like what they’ve done with the hallway. It’s really opened up the ground floor. There’s a lot to be said about natural light. Who wants a ceiling anyway, right?


Corey raises his hand and everyone stops smashing the place up. They stand around and take a breather. They could do with people like him in some comprehensive schools. He’d have to take the mask off though.


It’s not explicit in the video, but we’re pretty sure the fella below has just been given a wedgie. Judging by the position of his body and look of anguish, they did it until his underpant elastic snapped. People = shit.


The Chris Fehn Staring Contest is well underway at this point.


Oh, a shower! How refreshing. Where’s the bath gone?


I tried to shave my head once, too. Absolute disaster. Do you want some Savlon for that?


And that’s how you destroy someone’s home in less than four minutes. Oh look, your parents are back. See you later.

What did we learn from Duality?

Given the right soundtrack, Slipknot fans are really good at destroying ceilings, smashing windows and turning modest bathrooms into a hallway flume.

Slipknot are on tour now.

Simon Young

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