Video: Blackberry Smoke on Holding All The Roses


As Holding All The Roses is finally released in the UK, Blackberry Smoke singer Charlie Starr and drummer Brit Turner tell us how the band have found their feet, why trying new things is important, and how finishing a new album isn’t easy. “When the last note is played… it’s very sad,” says Starr.

The album is out this week, and was described in Classic Rock in glowing terms: “If you’re feeling low, it’ll restore your spirits. If you’re already in a good mood, you’ll be bloody flying by the end… A highly more-ish record with real soul and class.”

For both parts of our Blackberry Smoke interview, and for a live version Living For The Song, see below. Holding All The Roses is available now via Amazon, iTunes, and from the Earache Webstore.

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