Tweet Surrender


Of the few billion tweets sent every seven days, this lot caught our eye like a shiny pound coin on the floor of a crowded pub. Find out who loves Abba and which bassist is constantly covered in dog spit in this week’s Tweet Surrender…

We can remember the first time we had an espresso too. Maybe switch to decaf unless you want a visit from the police.

Another cool thing about Ecuador is that it means ‘equator’.

Well, that’s the last time we give the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist a little kiss on the face.

We’ve met loads of dogs called Kristin Hersh: An Autobiography. You just have to know where to look.

Thanks Desmond. The only thing we remember about Lost was the feeling of crushing disappointment and thoughts of how we could have spent all those hours differently. Like watching paint dry or counting grains of rice.

That’s a quick way of saying, “Behold! Corey Taylor is making a hand shadow of a talking dog”. To Kirk’s left, John 5’s mind has been blown, while Charlie Benante doesn’t know where to look.

404: Joke not found.

A massive schoolboy error from the former LostAlone frontman. That said, he’s probably written a four-part rock opera about this melty moment already.

The Antemasque man has a point. Take Abba’s single Waterloo, for example. Who else but these pop Swedes would boldly compare the miserable battle of 1815 to a girl who’s about to fall in love? That’s four minutes of existential misery, right there.

So… 7pm at Wetherspoons?