Tracks of the Week: new music from Patrón, Seasick Steve and more

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The lockdown continues, but the rock community is still knocking out quality new tunes like there's no tomorrow. Accordingly, choosing a top eight is never easy, but we think you'll enjoy this latest selection.

Last week you voted Daxx & Roxane your number one track, followed by Orange Goblin in second place and Gilby Clarke in third. Well done to all three of them!  

Now get stuck into this week's list, not forgetting to vote for your favourite at the foot of the page.

Those about to rock – and those who have rocked – we salute you all.

Patrón - Who Do You Dance For

Just try to resist that monster of a groove; i.e. the backbone of this heavy, sexy, super-hooky brainchild of these ‘desert lounge punk’ mavericks. Guitars are fat and drenched in fuzz. Vocals are deep and velvety, with a salacious edge. And the ‘confinement video’ features an eclectic mix of fans getting their groove on in ways that involve (among other things) sequins, roller skates, a pole dancer and a girl in a face mask and diving fins. So, who do YOU dance for?

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Lovechild - Love Me All Up

Something sweeter and sunnier next, with a dash of old-school soul, courtesy of these 70s-infused psych rock New Yorkers. Frontman Leo Lovechild says of the track: "We still wanted to give the song that same sense of romantic angst and that same live feeling that the songs in the long line of timeless soul ballads all manage to achieve." Mission accomplished, we reckon.

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1000mods - Lucid 

From one extreme to another, we’re heading over to Athens, Greece next for some driving 90s grunge-inspired rocking out with 1000mods. Anyone who appreciates the blend of heavy haze and sharp hooks that the likes of Soundgarden did so brilliantly will love this. And if you thought modern heavy Greek music was all metal (a la Rotting Christ, Septicflesh etc), this provides nicely rocky, stoner-ised evidence to the contrary.

Buy or stream their album Youth Of Dissent

Ryder's Creed - Money

Next up we’ve got a moody but punchy highlight from the NWOCR favourites’ upcoming album Lost Souls. Say the band: “This is a song about money in a way that emphasises the obsession the human race has for it. We kill for it. We die for it. We f*ck for it." Like what you hear? The album comes out this week...

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Robert Jon & The Wreck - Tired Of Drinking Alone

Need a little cathartic, southern-fried release in your life? Preferably with a chorus that anyone can readily sing? This one from Robert Jon could be just what you're after. Capturing the same kind of catchy modern Dixie vibe as A Thousand Horses and Blackberry Smoke, it’s a smooth, sweet-as-pie taste of their new album Last Light On The Highway – on sale this week.

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Seasick Steve - Clock Is Running 

He might be one of the only honest-to-god famous names in modern day blues, but ol’ Seasick still deals in dirty, super-lo-fi stuff that sounds as though it was recorded on a hubcap with a can o’ beer in a tin shed in the backyard… or something. And the best bit? It still grooves and rocks like muthafucker.

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Girish & The Chronicles - Identity Crisis

Full disclosure, this is on the long side. Or at least it is for the thrusting 80s style Girish and co set out with (after the first four minutes, the synths kick in and it morphs into an almost Nightwish-y prog-metal epic). For our money it could have been halved and packed at least as much of a punch. But the balls and chutzpah on display? We can't help but enjoy it.

Order the album on CD here I More ordering and band info

The Sword - She (Kiss cover)

We're closing today with heavy rock Texans The Sword, as they smash out their lip-smackingly beefed up cover of Kiss's Dressed To Kill number She (featured on their upcoming career-spanning collection). Like the original, if you fed it a load of really good bacon sandwiches. Nice.

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