Tracks of the Week: new music from Crobot, Blitzen Trapper and more

Tracks Of The Week
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Last week Lovechild soared into to first place, closely followed by Robert Jon & The Wreck in second place with Ryder's Creed in third. We'll have a lil' spin of our winners' victorious track, and then it's over to you to check out this week's shortlist and vote for your favourite at the foot of the page. 

Whether you know 'em all, recognise a couple or haven't heard of any of them, we hope you find something you like – and if you do, why not check out their other offerings? Let's make our expanded musical palates and/or collections one of the upsides of this strange time.

Crobot - Gasoline

It’s introspective, it’s emotional (in a classy grunge sort of way), but above all the new single from Pennsylvania’s beardos-in-chief rocks hard. “Gasoline is the sonic portrayal of a Schwarzenegger flick, complete with super villains, boss battles, & explosions at every turn,” says Dio-throated singer Brandon Yeagley, while Tennessee-born guitarist (and ace tattoo artist) Bishop adds: “Basically a bad trip into the world of Crobot. A different dimension where monsters rule and humans drool.”

Buy or stream Crobot's latest album Motherbrain

Blitzen Trapper - Magical Thinking

This first taste of the Portland rockers’ upcoming album Holy Smokes Future Jokes (out in September) is a delicate mesh of salty-sweet alt americana, bathed in hazy sunshine and Beatles-esque twists. Coming from an album that’s thematically “led by existential questions about life and death”, it’s pensive but so damn pretty and easy on the ear you’ll barely realise it’s got you thinking more deeply.

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Devilfire ft Eric Dover - Chasing The Pain

The Birmingham melodic rockers are joined by former Slash and Alice Cooper vocalist, Eric Dover on this hearty, layered new swathe of heavy riffing. Says frontman Alex Cooper: “Not only does it rock but it now includes a legendary voice and an incredible horn section, all interwoven with that classic Devilfire sound. I couldn’t be prouder.”

Pre-order the album Black Soul Vendetta 

Empyre - Drive

We’re very much enjoying this deliciously moody acoustic number from these heavy alt rock Brits. For our money Drive takes extremely well to the steely, Pearl Jam-come-STP makeover it’s been given here, with just a whisper of outlaw country. But if you wanna hear the electric version (and a whole load of other cool tracks) check out their album Self Aware.

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Colorstone - Never Going Back Again

We’re flying (in our minds, at least) over to Malmo, Sweden now to hang out with Colorstone; the brains behind this taut, groovy piece of modern rock with classic textures, bluesy flourishes and uplifting harmonies.

Check out music and band updates

The White Buffalo - Problem Solution

“Tell me what’s wrong with my brain,” quoth Jake Smith at the start of this new single. Ahh dude, we’ve all been there lately… Peppered with simple yet on-the-nose expressions of the human experience (and there are plenty more where that one came from) this is a burly, literate swirl of warm Americana, dark country wafts and heartland storyteller vibes.

Pick up the new album On The Widow’s Walk

Mars Red Sky - Crazy Hearth

Hulking, hazy and as spoon-bendingly dense as extra-thick yoghurt, this single from French psych-rock trio Mars Red Sky will do (good) weird things to your head. Which, quite frankly, might be just what you need right now. With its penchant for early 70s psychedelia, it’s the sort of thing Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats might have come up with after a strong spliff.

Check out Mars Red Sky merch and music

Blackberry Smoke - Southern Child

A lil’ Little Richard cover to finish with now, from fellow southern children Blackberry Smoke. They’re a breezier, mellower presence than the maverick forefather of rock’n’roll (in fairness, most people are...) but the sweetness and soul is all there in their effortless take on 1972’s Southern Child.

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