Tracks Of The Week: new music and videos from Alice In Chains, Bloodywood and more

Welcome to this pre-bank holiday round-up of the best new tunes in rock. We've got a diverse mix in here this week, which we've very much enjoyed pulling together – and hope you enjoy checking out. Go forth and tune in...

Bloodywood (feat. Raoul Kerr) – Ari Ari

Yes this is on the metal side, but it’s so brilliantly compelling we had to include it. Fusing groove metal guitar, rap and blasts of death metal vocals into a traditional Indian framework, Bloodywood (Bloody instead of Bollywood, see what they did there?!) match their scorching, vibrant sound with a video that takes us through the busy streets of India. Furious, thoughtful and empowering.

Alice In Chains – The One You Know

Wahey! Alice In Chains are back, and they come bearing a song that sounds exactly like Alice In Chains!! We mean this in an utterly positive sense, we hasten to add; The One you Know is an irresistible blend of pummelling guitar chops, hazy grunge swathes and charismatic vocals. Just what they do best. Good to have ‘em back.

The Yawpers – No Going Back

“It's a cinematic rescue mission for a black rooster from a Satanic cult in Brazil. What else do you need?” read the press release accompanying the latest video from Denver noisemakers The Yawpers. If that hasn’t piqued your interest we’ll just say it’s wonderfully dark, harrowing and stylishly shot, and goes perfectly with the psychotic blues-punk at play here.

Ginger Likes... – I Want The World

Dutch sleaze rockers Ginger Likes… are the brains behind this straight-ahead, feel-good shot of happy hormones and chipper, fuzzy chops. Simple but delivered with panache, it’s made us smile and inwardly air-guitar over our lunch. 

Starcrawler – Love’s Gone Again

We’ve loved getting stuck into the latest cut from LA punk’n’roll kids Starcrawler, now complete with a video shot during their sold-out tour of Japan. One of the sharpest, hookiest cuts from their self-titled debut, it bristles with raw chaos and just the right amount of insanity.

Rat Scabies – Chew On You

The erstwhile/co-founder Damned drummer has cut his first ever solo LP, and we’re rather enjoying this first taste of it. Adding a woozy touch of BRMC-esque allure to Rat’s punk roots, it’s a wonderfully filthy kick-in-the-face of grimy yet decadent rock’n’roll.

Arthur Buck – Are You Electrified?

Next up we’ve got a taste of the collaboration between R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck and singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur. Mixing breezily pensive americana, countrified twangs and grown-up pop sensibilities, it’s a dulcet, easy-listening tune for warm summer evenings. Fans of Buck’s R.E.M work might find it a little on the cheesy side, but taken in isolation we reckon it’s well worth checking out.

Dorian Sorriaux – Hungry Ghost

The quiet, pale French guitarist from Blues Pills has turned his hand to singing, and based on this it’s gone pretty well. Peter Green-charged electric guitar chops have been swapped for pensive acoustic strumming and vocals so indebted to Neil Young we found ourselves checking the song credits. Time will tell if his main band should start looking for a new guitarist, but this makes a strong, prettily haunting first impression.

Polly Glass
Deputy Editor, Classic Rock

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