Tracks Of The Week: new music from Towers Of London, Steve Conte and more

Tracks Of The Week Yo

Time now for you, dear readers, to assess this latest crop of quality new tunes and decide which is the best. We’ve got a seriously feel-good selection for you this week (if you’re experiencing some January blues you’ve come to the right place), but first of all let’s look at last week’s top three. In reverse order they are:

3. Gwyn Ashton – She Won’t Tell Me

2. Bad Mother Earth – Not Comin’ Home

1. Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors – I’m So Glad

A quality trio, well done to them! Now, who’s the rightful winner this week? You know what to go; plug into these bad boys listed below, then vote for your favourite at the foot of this page. After a lil’ spin of last week’s first prize winning tune, courtesy of Mr Ryan Hamilton and his Traitors. Enjoy!

Towers Of London – Superbowl

Woah, when Alan McGee said these guys had “sorted their shit out” he really meant it. We’ve binged on this latest one quite a bit this week, and still love it. Pairing jutting, funked up guitars with the mouthy sharpness of the Beastie Boys – plus video that slickly cuts together a load of clips someone’s clearly downloaded off the internet – it’s the joyous call-to-arms you need to blow away the winter blues.

Steve Conte – Gimme Gimme Rockaway

Another springy antidote to crappy weather and bad days, this time laced with sunny Ginger Wildheart-nodding pop rock sensibilities. Don’t let the underwhelming opening chords and production values deter you; this is a most excellent tune. Formerly a guitarist for New York Dolls and Michael Monroe, Steve Conte proves here that he can more than hold his own up front.

Myles Kennedy – Haunted By Design

A contemplative moment in an otherwise largely upbeat TOTW, this is our latest taste of the Alter Bridge frontman’s solo debut. Mixing rootsy touches with compelling acoustic guitar and melody, it’s classy evidence of Kennedy’s burgeoning troubadour/singer-songwriter abilities.

Aviator Shades – Be Somebody

Next up we’ve got a monster of a riff with a mountain-sized chorus from Aviator Shades – chugging, chomping and roaring their way from their native Vancouver right to your earphones. That gig of theirs in the video? We wanna be at THAT gig, singing along til our lungs burst and having a bloody good time.

Modern Earl – Gone To The Country

Beefcakes from the currrntry now (i.e. Nashville n’ Denver collective Modern Earl), who come bearing gifts of chunkasaurus hard rock and from-the-sticks rootsiness. Plus some unexpected 70s spaciness in the bridge section. For those who like their rock hearty and their steak very rare.

Inglorious – Breakaway

They’re known for highly charged electric performances, but in this video (recorded at Youtube studios) Inglorious went unplugged. And guess what? It sounds a bit good. Rather than simply offering a straight, strummed imitation, the boys brought Spanish-tinged speed and spice with percussive energy and acoustic twiddliness. Nice.

Professor and The Madman – Machines

Professor And The Madman, for those of you wondering, is Sean Elliott and Alfie Agnew’s pop rock-charged team featuring Damned men Rat Scabies and Paul Gray (playing together on tracks for the first time in 25 years). We’re very much enjoying this new track of theirs and think you will too. There’s a zingy streak of punky energy at work, propelling a core of pop rock and snappy rock’n’roll.

Polly Glass
Deputy Editor, Classic Rock

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