TR+ Singles Club: Delta Howl

delat howl singles club

Welcome back to the TeamRock+ Singles Club, the new way to discover the latest new music – and nothing is much newer than this week’s track, the first ever release from a Black Country band that’s just a year old.

Black Country, you say: so we’re talking Black Sabbath riffs? Big Bonham-esque beats? Heavi-bloody-osity?

Er, no. A few years ago, Classic Rock picked up on a band called Isolated Atoms. Their manager Facebooked us, sent us a link and we ran some coverage online. They had a big 80s rock sound and supported the likes of Simple Minds, The Answer and Blackberry Smoke. They split in 2014 but singer Grant Leon Ashman and guitarist Mark Neat continued to work together, producing music that is much more rootsy than their previous work.


Yeah: country rock, acoustic guitars, big melodies, hooks and classic songwriting. The first fruit of their labours is this week’s free download: Reach The Shore, a 4 minute plus slice of well-built Americana that gives you a taste of their emerging talent. In an age where the biggest criticism aimed at young bands is that “they don’t have any songs”, Delta Howl will have you singing along after one listen. (They’ll surprise you too: wait for the breakdown around 2:40 – not so much a middle-eight as an extended coda.)

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For more info on Delta Howl, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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