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Louder's Tracks of the Week: New music from Foo Fighters, Machine Head and more

Tracks of the week
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Welcome to another week of brand new rock music by Louder, ready for your vote. This week, one of the most esteemed bands in music, Foo Fighters, are back with a surprise EP of cover songs, whilst their bandmate, Taylor Hawkins, has released the first new music from his side project in nine years. 

Before we introduce you to the best in this week’s music, here’s what happened last week: 

3) Kill Chicago - Moonlight
2) Bambara - Serafina 
1) Alter Bridge - Dying Light 

Congrats to Alter Bridge who won the vote with their sonically rich release, Dying Light. Be sure to check out their new album, which comes out in just two days. Also make sure to follow our Spotify playlist for updates on our favourite tracks and vote this week. 

Foo Fighters - Sister Europe

Foo Fighters have just released a surprise EP of covers this week including a cover by 70s new-wave band The Psychedelic Furs titled Sister Europe. The five minute song pays a great tribute to the original and has takes the band out of their comfort zone a little.

Machine Head - Do Or Die

Californian heavy metal legends Machine Head have just released an electrifying new single, Do Or Die. Though it has been criticised by some music fans for similar lyrics to Dope’s 2001 song, Die MF Die, the song features an exhilarating musical soundscape that is definitely one to check out. 

Hawkwind - Flesh Fondue

Legendary space-rock group Hawkwind have just announced their new album, All Aboard The Skylark, which will be their 32nd studio album to date. The first cut taken from the LP, Flesh Fondue, shows the band haven’t lost any of their magic throughout their 50 year existence. 

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders - Crossed The Line

Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins is back with his side project after a lengthy nine year break with his first single from the album, Crossed The Line. The song features Dave Grohl (who references the Foos' Best Of You) and prog rock band Yes’ Jon Davison and is a must-listen track for any Foos fan.

The Amity Affliction - All My Friends Are Dead

After just signing to Pure Noise, Aussie metal band The Amity Affection have released their first new music since last year’s album, Misery. All My Friends Are Dead tries a different sound to the bands other releases whilst staying true to their metal roots and really pays off for the four-piece. 

Airbourne - Backseat Boogie

Taken from their upcoming album Boneshaker, Airbourne have released new single, Backseat Boogie, to critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. The band sound more rock ‘n’ roll than ever with this single – combining the likes of AC/DC with their own adrenaline-filled spin.

Peggy Sue – Motorcade

Taken from their upcoming album, Vices, which is out February 2020, two-piece group Peggy Sue’s latest single Motorcade takes a page out of 90s garage rock bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their first release since 2014 sure is an exciting one and puts them on the list for bands to watch in 2020.

Cellar Door Moon Crow – Tightrope

Formed by brothers Phil and Tommy Goodwin, Cellar Door Moon Crow have made some serious waves since they joined forces in 2015. They’ve clearly been mastering their sound in the meantime, as Tightrope is an incredibly tight, bluesy song and features some enticing vocals. 

Cybernetic Witch Cult - The Myth Of Sisyphus

Psychedelic Cornish rockers Cybernetic Witch Cult are set to release their upcoming new album Absurdum ad Nauseam in December, in the meantime, they’ve released a cut taken from the album entitled The Myth Of Sisyphus. The song is great, taking influence from an essay by French writer Albert Camus’ absurdist philosophical essay. Pure stoner rock at its best. 

Mamiffer - All That Is Beautiful

The first cut from experimental folk band Mamiffer’s new album is a great one. All That Is Beautiful provides a melodic start which is pushed along in a rock direction by distorted guitars. Described as a “poetic salve”, the song provides a mythical landscape and sets their album, The Brilliant Tabernacle, off on a great start. 

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