This is the best metal on Bandcamp right now

Dopelord album cover

We love Bandcamp. In an industry full of sharks, they are the lifeboat handing out warm jackets and packets of chocolate biscuits. They’re nice guys. And they bloody love their metal! There are thousands upon thousands of metal bands of all niches streaming on Bandcamp and it’s very easy to find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of guitar solos and neck-snapping breakdowns.

But that’s where Bandcamp come in.

Writer Brad Sanders has hand-picked the eight best examples of metal on Bandcamp for January 2017 and as expected, the results are well worth your time. When ‘mainstream’ metal is accused of being too safe and watered down, there’s an entire world of boundary-pushing, genre-defying music at your fingertips ready to be streamed, downloaded or even physically purchased.

This month’s best examples include the Mongolian folk metal of Nine Treasures, the bonged-out doom of Dopelord and the post-black metal of Dakhma. Seriously, GET STUCK IN.

And what’s more, for today only (February 3), Bandcamp will be donating all of their profits to ACLU. So y’know, it’s very much a good thing to buy something today.