This Is Hardcore: Turbonegro – Apocalypse Dudes

I remember when Turbonegro first hit my musical radar. But, oddly enough, it had absolutely nothing to do with music. In this case the band’s reputation had truly preceded them, as my friends regaled me with tall tales involving buckets of blood and “ass rockets”. While my companions painted the band as legends, I was quick to dismiss them as too gimmicky for my attention.

Turbonegro in 1998 with original vocalist Hank Von Helvete (centre) and right, the ‘Apocalypse Dudes’ cover art by Dimitri Kayiambakis

The trademark Turbonegro wit is still on display, especially when you consider the dramatic opener The Age of Pamparius is about a pizza place. Titles like Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker and Rendezvouz with Anus are fine examples of their candid humour.

Apocalypse Dudes is a record for good times. There aren’t many bands out there who produce music that’s as fun and as good as this. Just when punk was at risk of becoming too serious, Turbonegro came along and released an album packed with anthems that not only satisfy the ears but puts a grin on your face.

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