The Vinyl Issue: 7-inch singles

Size isn’t everything when it comes to these cracking, smaller vinyls.


Paperback Writer/Rain (PARLOPHONE, 1966)

Not officially a double A-side from the Fabs, but the quality of Rain almost gives it this feel. Rain hints at what was to come from the band, with backwards vocals, while Paperback Writer has unusual vocal harmonies and almost surreal lyricism. A perfect Beatles snapshot.


Virginia Plain (E.G. 1972)

The band’s debut single (and a song missing from the UK vinyl release of their debut album), immediately set the tone for their success. It has a slightly ambivalent melody, enigmatic vocals and a raft of virtuoso guitar stabs. It was art rock, but with accessible pop and glam leanings.

** **AC/DC

Dog Eat Dog (ATLANTIC, 1977)

The b-side is the reason to seek out this single. Carry Me Home is a brilliantly observed tale of drunken excess late at night. Set against an insistent hangover musical droop, Bon Scott’s vocals have the bleary sigh of too many nights on a bar stool.


_Love Will Tear Us Apart _(FACTORY, 1980)

A song that tells of a doomed love, filtered through the gaze of somebody who knows there’s no escaping the consequences of his feelings. It’s an anthemic tirade with a timeless message writ large on seven inches of plastic.


Touch Me I’m Sick (SUB POP, 1988)

This is all the Mudhoney you really need. Fuzzy guitar, garage energy and snarling vocals… The band’s unmissable anthem helped to drive the Seattle scene, and it works best on 45.

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