The 10 best Lamb Of God songs, as chosen by Sworn Amongst

Lamb Of God

Midlands metal marauders Sworn Amongst are no strangers to the heavier side of music, so it’s a little wonder that they’re fans of Lamb Of God. The guttural growls, the slamming metallic riffs, there are many similarities between the UK newbies and the Virginia veterans, so we asked Sworn Amongst’s drummer Jonny Harper to pick the ultimate Lamb Of God playlist for y’all!

Did your favourite song make the cut?


“The first Lamb Of God track I heard was on a listening post at HMV. It hit me straight between the eyes, with what was to become a staple of the band’s sound – the triplet 68 rhythm. Just as you start to settle into the track, out of nowhere comes the renowned Ruin fill which proceeds to take the track down a more technical route leading to a crushing conclusion!”

Black Label

Black Label demands your attention with its obnoxious opening riff building into an inevitable shit-storm. A mosh pit anthem in its own right causing some of the most intense walls of death I have ever seen in metal.”

Laid To Rest

“Possibly my favourite Lamb Of God song of all time. The intense riffage and unconventional drum patterns on display are complemented massively by the crystal-clear production. The constant bounce throughout before the almost ‘anthemic’ breakdown is always sure to send pits into a spin-kick frenzy!”

Walk With Me In Hell

“This one sees the band adopting a more Southern/melodic vibe. It’s a more accessible direction, opening the door to possibly a wider audience for the band, much like Redneck. Walk With Me In Hell is a gateway track for new listeners, while maintaining the band’s identity throughout.”


“Beautifully haunting, completed by some Pantera-esque riffs. There are dynamic variations throughout; gear changes and some great drumwork draw the track to a close – but not before we have some machine gun riffage and punishing, memorable vocal lines.”


“Officially on the playlist for certified whiplash. If anything ever sounded like a soundtrack to a drunken festival circle pit, it is this neck snapper. Not one of Lamb Of God’s more serious anthems, but nevertheless, it’s one that conjures up plenty of memories for most pit vets.”

Set To Fail

“An insanely catchy number, filled with hooks that perfectly blend together both metal and hard rock. Featuring on-point drumming, next-level guitar work, crunching bass, a blistering solo from Mark Morton and one of the catchiest ever Randy Blythe chorus melodies.”

11th Hour

“Lyrically this song addresses alcohol addiction. ‘Sweetly she draws me into her arms, a liquid embrace to chase the day away. Sedate, numb, deaf and dumb, stumbling into solitude,’ a liquid escapism, an immediate cure, for what ultimately leads to isolation. Musically it’s superb, with unconventional note choices, breakdowns and pace changes that all embody the lyrical content.”

Now You’ve Got Something To Die For

“No messing about here. This one lyrically addresses the war in Iraq, and is a benchmark for the band. Huge chorus, big riffs, it keeps you on your feet at all times. A proper neck snapper, too!”

In Defence Of Our Good Name

“This is a powerhouse tune. It begins in a more death metal fashion than most Lamb Of God tracks. The build-up section in the middle never fails to make me feel pumped. As it explodes into double time, it earns its place as a highlight of the As The Palaces Burn album.”

Sworn Amongst recently released a new video for The Cleansing, which you can watch below.

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