The 10 best Dillinger Escape Plan songs, as chosen by Blood Youth

Dillinger Escape Plan
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Harrogate post-hardcore mob Blood Youth released their new full-length Beyond Repair last month on Rude Records. It’s a solid mix of Beartooth-esque aggressive harmonies and Amity Affliction vocal hooks designed to be screamed from the rooftops. Despite Blood Youth’s more melodious leanings, frontman Kaya Tarsus is a giant fan of iconic mathcore pioneers The Dillinger Escape Plan, so much so that his old band used to cover the song Milk Lizard. But which songs make it into his ultimate TDEP playlist? We thought we’d find out…

Baby’s First Coffin

“Everybody is so locked in on this track! There are so many riffs, I love seeing them play this one live.”

Limerent Death

Dissociation is the perfect album to end on. This is an amazing song, it made every hair stand on end when I first heard it. That ‘I gave you everything you wanted’ section gives me goosebumps every time. I really hope they play this one at Download!”

Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants

“I love how creepy this song is – the chorus is banging as well. I remember showing this song to my friends on the bus to school and they all hated it.”

One Of Us Is The Killer

“This song is killer. Greg’s vocals are incredible on this track. I have a very vivid memory of seeing them playing this song live and it completely blew me away.”

Milk Lizard

“It’s so awesome when Dillinger completely switch it up; I’m really into this style, just as much as the classic TDEP songs. When I was 16, the band I was in used to cover this song– I’m pretty sure we butchered it, though!”

Horse Hunter

“One from Ire Works! This is such a crazy song, I love the Brent Hinds guest vocals towards the end.”

Panasonic Youth

“I think Miss Machine has got to be my favourite Dillinger album, and Panasonic Youth is by far my favourite track from that album. I’m a big fan of Chris Penne’s drumming style, he kills it on this track.”

Fix Your Face

Ire Works is an incredible album, I love the production and how it flows from start to finish. Fix Your Face is definitely my favourite song from that record.”

43% Burnt

43% Burnt was the first Dillinger track I listened to – one of my close friends showed it to me many years ago. That opening riff still rips my head off!”

Farewell Mona Lisa

“It’s a tough decision but Farewell Mona Lisa is my favourite Dillinger song. There’s a section where it all slows down and Greg comes out with this amazing melody. Option Paralysis is such a solid album, full of so many bangers.”

Blood Youth’s new album Beyond Repair is out now. Check out the brand new video for What I’m Running From below! They play the Avalanche Stage on the Sunday of this year’s Download festival.

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