Blood Youth's track-by-track guide to Beyond Repair

Blood Youth

Having spent years making a name for themselves on festival bills and in support slots all over the UK, Blood Youth have finally released their debut album Beyond Repair. A mix of invigorating post-hardcore and poptastic hooks, its subject matter is also deeply personal to the three men behind it, most of all frontman and lyricist Kaya Tarsus.

Giving Metal Hammer an exclusive track-by-track breakdown in the video below, Kaya reveals that his relationship with alcohol influenced opening track Making Waves, how the band’s love of The US Office led to the naming of Savanna, and which song is just about wanting break shit.

Blood Youth’s debut album Beyond Repair is out now, via Rude Records. Get your copy now from Amazon (opens in new tab) or download it from iTunes (opens in new tab).

Blood Youth - Beyond Repair album review