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Ten Non-Band Reasons To Be Excited About Sonisphere

There's more to music festivals than the bands on the bill and this year's Sonisphere has come up with some bonkers ideas to keep you entertained when staggering around the site in a drunken daze.


TeamRock will be invading Knebworth over the weekend with TeamRock Radio hosting Sonisphere’s official radio station, playing all the best tunes for you to listen to while you’re getting ready for the day, brushing your teeth with gin in the camp site. As well as this, TeamRock will be hosting the official signing tent and giving you the chance to rub elbows with rockstars. And getting them to write on your face with a Sharpie.


Still upset about CM Punk leaving WWE? Yeah us too, but at least on the Friday of Soni you can pay tribute by dressing up as him or as any other famous grappler with the day’s wrestling theme. Finally an excuse to go out in spandex and just pants as the festival will undoubtedly be full of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker doppelgängers. As if this wasn’t enough, Progress Wrestling are bringing some of the UK’s best wrestlers to kick the crap out of each other for your entertainment.

Godmachine Merch

You know how some festival t-shirts are pretty lame? Just a logo with the line-up on the back that you might buy while pissed before losing it on the train home – not Sonisphere. The ace Godmachine who has done artwork for the likes of Lamb Of God, Bring Me The Horizon and Cannibal Corpse has been a long time collaborator and has once again turned in a sick t-shirt design this year.

Thrash History

History is obviously a very important subject. But we’re not talking about the Tudors, or the Victorians, or any of that other boring rubbish they tell you about at school. Learn about the important stuff as the Thrashback campaign will be bringing a metal history lesson with their documentary Get Thrashed to the big screens of the Saturn stage.


With World Cup fever gripping the, errr, world, Sonisphere will be joining in the fun with the return of the SonisBall football tournament on Friday afternoon. Inviting punters to join in on the fun with a chance of winning a King For A Day package, not to mention the chance for everyone to re-enact their World Cup highlights. Maybe best not to bite anyone though, eh?


What’s funnier than one of those people collecting a massive tower of paper pint glasses, only to fall over and send them all flying? Not much. But if you’re not lucky enough to witness this spectacle over the weekend, Sonisphere have got you covered with the likes of Andrew O’Neill, John Robertson and a host of rib-tickling stand-ups on hand ready to bust your funny fuse.

Classic Album Sundays

Vinyl collecting can quickly become an expensive habit, and especially for those of us who can’t afford a 650k(!) sound system. However, Classic Album Sundays will be bringing such an impressive piece of kit to Knebworth to play classic albums including Metallica’s Ride The Lightning, Maiden’s Killers and a whole host of metal masterpieces.

Blaas Of Glory

One of the weekend’s more bonkers attractions, Blass Of Glory are a touring ‘Heavy Metal Marching Band’ who trot across European festivals catching headbangers by surprise and rattling through classics such as The Final Countdown and Highway To Hell on banjos, glockenspiels and accordions. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Knebworth Exhibition

This year sees Knebworth celebrate 40 years of rock history. With the exception of that time they let Robbie Williams in and he spent a couple of hours looking smug with his arms stretched out while his fans sung his songs for him, the site has seen an impressive list of bands play over the year. It’s all being celebrated in Knebworth House’s exhibition featuring rare and exclusive memorabilia from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and many more.

Iron Maiden Dogfight

Jaws were planted firmly on the floor when Maiden’s set at Download last year was kicked off with a Spitfire flying over the crowd. But the lads have really outdone themselves this year, staging a First World War dogfight over the crowd complete with smoke systems and Bruce Dickinson flying one of the planes himself. It’s times like this we wish Bruce was our dad.