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Stop the spread by wearing the Faces Of Lemmy

Motorhead facemask
(Image credit: Motorhead)

Motorhead have released a set of face masks bearing the countenance of late frontman Lemmy

The facemasks are available from the Official Motorhead Store and cost just $20 for the full set of three masks, which show the lower half of Lemmy's face. And while a disclaimer reveals that the masks, "are not suitable for use in a surgical setting," helping to stop the spread of airborne pathogens while simultaneously looking like half of Lemmy make that price a surefire bargain.  


Motorhead facemasks

(Image credit: Motorhead)

Motorhead are the current cover stars of Classic Rock. In the issue we explore how Ace Of Spades catapulted the band to superstardom in a world that really wasn't ready for them.

Also in this edition you'll find stories about Biffy Clyro, Slade, Guns N’ Roses, The Beach Boys, White Lion, Iggy And The Stooges, Tommy Lee, Palaye Royale, Gary Stringer, and rock's biggest reviews section.

Classic Rock 280 is available to buy online (opens in new tab),  as is a limited edition Motorhead Motorbundle (opens in new tab), which includes the magazine plus an exclusive Three Amigos poster, a Warpig window sticker, two beer mats and two bumper stickers. 

The most rock'n'roll face masks online right now

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Slipknot Face Mask | £14.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
There are seven different Slipknot colours to choose from - and we think they’re all pretty neat. Washable and reusable, they also have adjustable ear loops. They’re stretchy, too, so are comfortable to wear.

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Pink Floyd Face Mask | £12.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This mask won’t feel as soft as the cotton job above, but surely it’s a must for Floyd fans? It also boasts a dedicated filter pocket, and has adjustable ear loops to achieve a better fit. Even better, it has a nose clip for a secure fit. It'll need washing regularly, so best draft in a couple to have on rotation.

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Black Sabbath Face Mask | £7.98 at Etsy (opens in new tab)
Available in adults and kids sizes, and crafted from two layers of breathable cotton fabric. You’ll need to add your own filter material with this face mask. Take note of the shipping time on this one – a couple of weeks, so you may want to grab an alternative face mask in the meantime.

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Trivium Face Mask | £6.99 from EMP (opens in new tab)
Show off your love of Trivium with this ‘Florida Metal’ face mask. Presented in black, white and green, it features the band’s logo and is made from 100% cotton. 

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Vampire Fangs Face Mask With Filter Pocket | £11.97 at Etsy (opens in new tab)
This reusable fabric face mask with ear loops has that all-important filter pocket, into which you can place a disposable filter material of your own or a pre-made filter – you can buy face mask filters at Amazon (opens in new tab) and Vistaprint (opens in new tab), among other retailers. You can throw this mask in with your normal laundry on a hot wash setting. 

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Lightning Bolt Kids Face Mask | £13 at Vistaprint (opens in new tab)
Some of us at Louder are already wearing the adult face masks sold at Vistaprint and can confirm they’re breathable and comfy as hell. Yes, we said that about a face mask. This lightning bolt print is for the kids only (goddamn it), but there plenty of other cool adult face masks (opens in new tab) on offer. They have a moldable nose bridge, filter pocket and adjustable ear loops. And yeah, they’re super-soft.

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Gojira Face Mask | £6.99 at EMP (opens in new tab)
We can’t tell if this face mask has a dedicated filter pocket or not, so if you buy it, you may have to layer a filter inside of the mask and position it against your skin. Other than that, it’s made of soft cotton with elasticated straps, and is safe for washing. Don’t fancy the skull? We also like this twin-pack of plain black fabric face masks (opens in new tab), made with two layers of high-thread count cotton. 

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Leopard Print Face Mask | £18 at Not On The High Street (opens in new tab)
Washable face masks needn’t be boring, as this rockabilly cotton face mask proves. The face covering is fitted around the nose and chin, with an expandable pleat design for a more comfy fit. Suitable for machine washing, and ideally you'll let it dry in direct sunlight.

When looking for face masks, choose ones that...

  • Fit snugly against the face without impeding breathing
  • Have moldable nose bridges to achieve a better fit
  • Use multiple layers of breathable fabric
  • Can be washed without losing their shape
  • With fabric face masks, choose ones with a filter pocket

If you or someone in your household is displaying symptoms indicative of the coronavirus, follow the latest coronavirus advice (opens in new tab) for self-care and to understand when medical assistance might be needed.

Fraser Lewry
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