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Sonisphere bands choose their Metallica By Request setlist

We asked some of the bands playing Sonisphere which tracks they'd choose for Metallica's headline By Request set.

Devin Townsend

“Leper Messiah was the first one I actually kept coming back to, it was atonal and sludgy. I liked that groove a lot. Fight Fire With Fire was the first introduction to Metallica I had – it just blew my head off and I loved it.

Also, Sad But True. When the Black Album came out, you seemed to be in either one of two camps, Guns N’ Roses or Metallica… I didn’t ‘get’ Guns at all, and this song set the bar for metal sonics on the radio.”

Max Raptor (Matt Stevenson)

“Ride The Lightning was the first Metallica album I owned, I was given it for Christmas – my parents hated me for playing this song on repeat but it’s still my favourite. Master Of Puppets was the first Metallica song I learnt on guitar after my friend played it to me when I was 15. And we loved the production on For Whom The Bell Tolls and believe or not took influence from it for our album. ”

Stampin’ Ground (Scott Atkins)

“Firstly, Fight Fire With Fire. Back in 1986 when Maiden and Quo were about as heavy as I was up for, a guy at school forced his Walkman earphones on my head and cranked the volume. The chorus to Fight Fire With Fire bore into my brain and this began my Metallica love affair, I had never heard riffing like it. When I listen to this song it takes me right back to that moment.

I first saw Metallica in ‘88 on the Justice tour. Blackened was the opening song of their set and it blew everyone away. Easily one of their baddest riffs, it optimised mature thrash distanced metallica from the rest of the pack. If a mosh is your thing, look no further than the mid section. Go check out Seattle ‘89 from the Binge & Purge box set.

I’m struggling to find the words to describe the density of Sad But True, so the word dense will suffice. It’s so heavyweight that even after 20 years no one has really come close to rivalling this behemoth of a track. The guys milked every single hit and plectrum stroke out of this one. The trademark lone five snare hits are an air drummer’s delight.”

Frank Turner

“Sad But True. I remember seeing them play this at the Freddie Mercury Tribute show (on TV) and at the time it was the heaviest thing I’d ever heard, I loved it.

Creeping Death is one of the first songs I learned on the guitar, totally incredible riffing. And the guitar solo on the intro to Fade To Black remains the only solo I can (vaguely) play.”

Devil You Know (Howard Jones)

”‘It’s kind of hard to pick a favourite Metallica song, so I’m going outside of the box. I’ve been listening to the song recently, so I’m going with No Leaf Clover. Cello makes any song sound better. I am not wrong on this one, people!’

Metallica headline the Sunday of Sonisphere this weekend. To find out what they’re gonna be playing, head over here.

Luke Morton