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Snail: where astrophysics and quantum mechanics collide

Porterville, CA. trio Snail are releasing their new album, Feral, on Friday, but you can hear it first on TeamRock. The album is the follow-up to 2012’s Terminus.

“Musically this album is the most diverse that we have released,” says bass player Matt Lynch. “Doom, Psych, Punk and Blues are all there, from amp-worshipping hypnosis to fuzz-laden freakouts and three part harmonies. The only requirement for sound was that it serve the song at hand.Thematically, the album deals with the dissolution of the Id or the “self” and the spiritual implications of that process.

“It’s a psychedelic idea that is backed up by recent revelations in astrophysics as well as quantum mechanics. Infinite smallness as well as infinite expanse. It’s all the same. This record is a description of that revelation.”

Snail formed in 1992 but disbanded in 1995 after succumbing to the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” lifestyle. They reformed in January 2008 with Lynch and fellow original members Mark Johnson (vocals) and Marty Dodson (drums) joined by guitarist Eric Clausen, and made two albums — Blood and Terminus — before reverting back to a three-piece to record Feral.

Feral is out on September 25 on Small Stone Records. You can stream the album below.