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Slipknot songs on the hurdy gurdy are almost as good as Slipknot songs on the guitar

We're not sure exactly when the hurdy gurdy joined the ranks of great metal instruments, but we like it anyway. In the right hands, this deeply weird gizmo – one part violin, one part coffee grinder, one part wheezing  sheep – can add some serious medieval vibes to even the ordinariest songs.

Michalina Malisz is metal’s own queen of the hurdy gurdy. As well as being a member of folk-metal flagbearers Eluveitie, she’s also got a sideline performing classic riffs on her instrument of choice.

Having already served up killer versions of vintage Black Sabbath, Metallica and System Of A Down riffs, she’s now turned her attention to Slipknot.

In her latest video, Michalina reimagines five stone cold ’Knot classics - step forward, The Devil In I, Psychosocial, Before I Forget, Dead Memories and Unsainted

What they lack in dead crow-huffing lunacy, they make up in for in sheer strangeness – it’s not hard to imagine a bunch of 15th century peasants getting their party on to this.

The maggots clearly approve. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I headbanged to Psychosocial played on a hurdy gurdy,” says ‘Dr Voodoo’ in the comments. 

Us to, pal. Now, where did we put that flagon of mead and roast suckling pig? We're in the mood for a party.