Sex: Jim Dandy


Do you remember what it was like when you lost your virginity?

I was fifteen, and it was with an older cousin in a hay loft.

Did you have a lot of luck with the ladies when you were growing up?

I was the only long-hair in Arkansas, so girls didn’t wanna be seen with me in public. I used to sneak off with them. A few of them ended up looking very round, and their daddies could never work out how they got in that state, when all the boys they were dating were so clean cut.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to do in bed?

Well, on my twenty-fifth birthday our road crew tried to get twenty-five girls for me. In the end they had to settle for sixteen. They were lined up outside my hotel room and came in one by one.

Did you ever write a song for a woman to get her into bed?

Lots of songs for lots of women. That’s what we did in Black Oak Arkansas. Read the lyrics – it’s an autobiography.

Ever had a homosexual encounter?

I had a tight butt, and still do, so a lot of gay guys would hang around me. I came close once, but nothing happened.

Ever wanted to bed someone and failed?

There was this backing singer we had on the Balls Of Fire album. She was black, bald and beautiful. But she wasn’t interested.

Is there a sexual fantasy you still have?

I’d love to be able to put on a whole album and last the course. These days I’m lucky if I make it to the end of a single.