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Sex: Ann Wilson

Is there something that you’ve seen from stage that’s made you react?

The thing that’s weird to me is people and their cellphones, and how you’re up there but they’re more interested in recording you so they can put you up on YouTube and watch you later. That is really odd because they’re missing the moment. The other weird thing is where people will turn their back to you and pose with you in the background. I hate that.

Have you ever seen someone you fancied in a crowd and told one of your road crew to go out front and ask him to come backstage?

No, I’ve never done that, nor has Nancy. I just don’t think we have the same feelings of objectifying people as some other… dudes might.

Have you ever dated a fan?

Yeah. It’s not a good idea. It didn’t work. It didn’t work very well because when you sober up and you’re with this fan, the fan’s gonna return to being a fan.

That’s so Cinderella.

It really is, and I only did it once. It’s not fair to anyone. I don’t know who it’s the most not fair to, but it’s not fair to either party. It’s like there’s a third person in the bed with you and that’s the fame.

Have you been hit with anything onstage?

Oh yeah, quite often. An empty Jack Daniel’s bottle once, square on the mic. A can of beer. I had my hand up in the air and the can of beer was thrown up from the audience and hit my hand, and I just automatically pitched it back out, and it hit some innocent person and broke some teeth. So I had to go to court and pay a bunch of money to have their teeth fixed…