Road To Download 2014: Monuments

Before the prog-metallers sub-headline the Red Bull Studio stage on the Sunday of Download festival, we talk to vocalist Chris Barretto about what playing Donington means to Monuments.

How excited are you guys to be playing Download festival?

“Considering how legendary the event is and how many people I’ve looked up to that have played the festival in the past, it’s safe to say that the guys and I are pretty damn excited to be playing this year!”

How important is it to you to play the hallowed ground of Donington?

“It’s pretty close to the ‘dream-come-true’ feeling. Like I said before, to be part of such a legendary event is an immense step for us as a band. To be able to set foot on such ground as performers, I mean that’s the cat’s pajamas right there!”

Who do you recommend to watch at Download this year?

“There are a lot of great bands this year. But for me, I’m going to recommend Sikth, since it’s their first show in so long, and Linkin Park, only because they’re doing all of Hybrid Theory in its entirety. Can you say ‘hello high school me’?”

I, The Creator

Who is more metal out of the headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park or Aerosmith?

“As awesome as the bands Avenged Sevenfold and Linkin Park are, I’m going to give the most ‘metal’ award of out the bunch to Aerosmith. Case in point: Steven Tyler used to shoot heroin in his ass and carry a gun around because he thought the CIA was after him. On stage, the dude had a cup of cocaine to snort from and another cup with Jack Daniel’s and Coke to keep him going. When your rider includes a six-foot mirror so you can do cocaine off of it, that’s not even metal, that’s pure fuckin rock ‘n’ roll.”

What is your best festival memory?

“Sadly, I have no Download memory other than what I’ve seen on YouTube! But, at a smaller festival, a good memory was having drunken sex in a field while the sun was coming up. That was a good time.”

What are your three essential items to take to Download?

“Water, pillow, condoms.”

What is the most metal thing you’ve ever done?

“I dunno, I think I keep it pretty humble. There was this one time where I drank hella whisky, got super high, snorted some K, then smoked DMT on top of it all and listened to Ravel. That was pretty rad.”

Monuments play the Red Bull Stage on the Sunday of Download. Get your tickets here.

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