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Road To Bloodstock: Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil frontman Andrea Ferro talks to us about playing Catton Hall next month and why he once drank out of a penis pitcher.

How excited are you guys to be playing Bloodstock this year?

“Very excited for different reasons, it’s gonna be our first show for the Broken Crown Halo touring cycle in the UK and we’ll play some of the new songs. Plus it will be our return to Bloodstock after many years, we actually played in one of the very first editions of the festival.”

Who would you recommend to watch at Bloodstock?

“Obviously Lacuna Coil and then on our day I would say Carcass, Orphaned Land and Decapitated. Overhall I say Down, Prong, Biohazard, Megadeth, Hatebreed, Saxon, Arthemis and Dimmu Borgir.”

How important are pure metal festivals like Bloodstock?

“It’s great to have this kind of festivals that keeps the genre alive, these are usually great happenings for all the fans regardless of the line-up. We’re really honoured to be able to be part of these events as well as some others that are crossing over a little more.”

Who is more metal – Down, Emperor or Megadeth?

“I’ll have to say Megadeth, they are a big piece of metal history.”

What is your best festival memory?

“We’ve played so many over the years that it’s really hard to pick up just one. I would say that having lunch almost every day with Bill Ward from Black Sabbath on Ozzfest 2004 has been pretty unreal!”

Bloodstock is famed for festival-goers drinking out of horns, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve drank out of?

“There’s a restaurant in Milan, pretty much only populated by students, that serves beer in a penis shaped pitcher and you have to drink from the hole in the top.”

What are your three essential items to take to Bloodstock?

“A rain jacket, my in-ear monitors and my hangover pills.”

In one sentence, why should people come and watch you guys at Bloodstock?

“Because we have some new songs to play and because we’ll kick your ass!”

Lacuna Coil are playing the main stage of Bloodstock on Saturday 8th August – get your tickets here. And if you’re going to Bloodstock we’re giving you the chance to interview Lacuna Coil for us! Find out more here.

Luke Morton