Oslo's occult metallers Acârash unveil a momentous new track

Acârash promo pic 2018
(Image credit: Jørn Veberg)


Occult rock: it’s all vintage amps, musty atmospheres and that vague, wafty sense of mystique, right? Well, not according to Acârash. Alumni of Lonely Kamel, The Void, Zection8 and Faustus, this Oslo-based three-piece are determined to clear away the cobwebs as they enter into the unknown.

Travelling along a mystic wavelength between hard rock and the extreme metal their homeland is known for, Acârash’s sound is distilled into an elegant if ruthlessly efficient blend of groove and barbed, glistening riffs. It may offer a sizeable debt to Satyricon, but it also lays out the band’s own path to enlightenment with an uncommon amount of focus.

Acârash’s full vision is laid out on their debut album, In Chaos Becrowned, due to be let out from the Dark Essence Records dungeons on June 8, and we have an exclusive preview in the mid-paced yet monumental form of the track Cadaver Dei.

"The album opener Cadaver Dei," says vocalist/bassist Anlov, "is our way of welcoming you to the tomb of Acârash. The track is a celebration of the free spirit and the will to rebellion against all that reduces life. To us the concept of opposition is an essential philosophical theme, acknowledging spiritual contradictions and human mortality. True opposition is a progressive and noble act of thought."

 So sharpen your senses, engage your third eye and raise a claw to Acârash below!

Check out Acârash's Facebook page and pre-order In Chaos Becrowned via Bandcamp, Dark Essence webshop (via Norway) or Asiamerch webshop

Jonathan Selzer

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