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Ones To Watch At Sonisphere 2014

If you're heading to Sonisphere this weekend you're no doubt aware of how ridiculous it's gonna get for The Prodigy, Iron Maiden and Metallica. But there's loads more going on in the day that's really worth your time.


Back in 2011 when Sonisphere got all of the Big Four together on one stage it was a landmark moment in metal. This year it’s nearly a full house again, only let down by the absence of Megadeth, nice one Dave! Instead of dwelling on what Mustaine is up to (probably having a rant) treat yourself to not one but two Anthrax sets as the band take to the Apollo stage as well as a special set playing Among The Living in full on the Bohemia stage.


Just a warning but if you’re thinking of doing anything else during Slayer’s set – be it going to the bar, popping over to the hog roast van or sneaking off to your tent with that person who was giving you the eye during Chas & Dave’s set – the Sonisphere police will turn up and confiscate your metal card. Plus you’d be an idiot to miss Slayer any way.

Limp Bizkit

“JOHN OTTO! TAKE ‘EM TO THE MATTHEW’S BRIDGE!” We may still be none the wiser as to where the Matthew’s Bridge actually is, but Fred Durst and co have been a reliable summer highlight with various festival appearances over the past few years. While there’s still no news on new album Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, but who cares? The likes of My Generation, Break Stuff and Rollin’ to name but a few are going to be some of the most fun moments of the weekend.

The Defiled

Another band pulling double duty at the weekend are London’s Cabbage Patch Kids from hell The Defiled. As if getting to see them laying waste to the Apollo stage on Friday wasn’t enough, the band will also be following in the foot steps of Cancer Bats’ Bat Sabbath set a few years back, with the less witty but equally exciting Nirvana Defiled. Make sure you head to the Bohemia stage on Sunday to see Stitch D take on the role of Kurt Cobain.

Raging Speedhorn

If you are unfamiliar with Raging Speedhorn, educate yourself right this minute. Although time wasn’t great for them leading to their split, there was a time when they were one of the UK’s most exciting metal bands. Iconic t-shirts with the slogan ‘Sniff Glue, Hail Satan’ and their video for The Gush which features strippers kicking the shit out of punters only hint at how great they were. Experience the full thing with their comeback set this Sunday.

Bleed From Within

One of Scotland’s best underrated metal exports are sure to make an already messy Jägermeister tent even messier when they take to the stage Saturday. Last year’s Uprising was full of big metal anthems and with a forthcoming crowd funded EP on the way, expect plenty of fist pumping and drunken people falling over in the pit.


You know the old saying ‘it’s not a festival unless a bloke dressed as The Pope with skeleton facepaint on, with a bunch of his mates obscured in black robes shows up’. Luckily the organisers of Sonisphere made sure to get this essential sorted by getting Papa Emeritus II on the blower and booking Ghost to play on the Apollo stage on the Saturday.


Despite being uncharacteristically quiet for a while, Gallows recently unveiled two new songs in the form of Chains and the cheerily titled Wristslitter to prove that their snarling punk is in rude health. The band have a history of causing bedlam at festivals and there’s nothing to suggest that their set on the Bohemia stage this Sunday will be any different.

Dream Theater

When they weren’t calling Mike Portnoy a willy and flicking him the Vs for ditching them, Dream Theater were busy writing their new self titled album, which was released the end of last year. They’ll be playing material from that along with their huge back catalogue as they headline the Saturn stage on Sunday and make us all feel jealous and inferior of their musical ability.


One of the many hidden gems tucked away on the Jägermeister stage, Finland’s Beastmilk caught a lot of people’s attention with their Climax album. While some were giggling at how rude their name is with a strategically placed ‘R’, many others were discovering a thrilling band combining lo-fi post punk with a slew of dark and gothic influences. Watch them bring the gloom on Sunday.

Sonisphere takes place in Knebworth this weekend. Tickets are still available so get your arse over here.