Ones To Watch At Camden Rocks

This Saturday sees Camden becoming completely overrun with bands, as over 200 acts invade NW1 and drive the neighbours barmy with an onslaught of riffs. Taking over almost 20 venues, knowing who to watch could provide a meltdown. Not to worry, we’ve kindly picked out the best bits for you.


There was a time when the suggestion of a djent-grime crossover act sounded about as appealing as dipping your pizza in peanut butter. However, unlike peanut butter pizza, Hacktivist’s unique amalgamation has proved to be a surprise hit. The band only go from strength to strength, dazzling crowds all over the globe, and setting pits into a frenzy with their cover of Jay Z and Kanye West’s Paris. The Underworld isn’t going to know what’s hit it when they headline the Metal Hammer stage on Saturday night.

Orange Goblin

This year has seem Warhammer fans despair as Goblins try and break into the mainstream. But never fear, Orange Goblin are back to prove that they’re the only band with Goblin in the name that you should really care about. The doom metal legends are currently in the studio working on their eighth full-length album. Although lucky for us they’re going to be taking a break this weekend to melt minds as they headline the Barfly. (They’re also playing HMS Hammer on the way to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, but you already knew that.)

Devil Sold His Soul

Most recent single Time, released at the tail end of last year, shows Devil Sold His Soul push their ambient post-metal soundscapes to bold new levels. It’s a song that sounds so huge that it could easily eclipse the modest size of the Underworld, as the band play this Saturday. Sounding gruelling and crushing one minute, while seamlessly becoming beautiful and introverted the next, Devil Sold His Soul are sure to put on a dazzling show.

The Hell

Uh-oh, if there’s one set this weekend that’s guaranteed to be messy, it’s a safe bet it’ll be these troublesome Watford punks. Showing no signs of having their filthy mouths washed out with soap any time soon, get ready for a barrage of abuse as The Hell tear through an array of potty-mouthed ditties from their debut and the forthcoming Groovehammer. You should go to The Black Heart and watch them, you dick.


These fresh-faced Brummies may look like they’d be more suited to bunking off from P.E lessons to smoke fags round the back of the bike sheds, but they’re already making catchy metal tunes that surpass their young age. Cytota deliver the sort of earworm filled choruses that are reminiscent of early days Bullet For My Valentine. Catch them packing in countless huge hooks, delivered with some fierce punch at the Monarch.


Although Bristol’s premier psych n’ roll party-starters haven’t been away too long, the wait has been excruciating. Now they’re back and are on the verge of releasing their follow up to 2012’s superb self-titled. If recent single Solid Gold is anything to go by we’re all in for a big treat. Make sure to get yourself to the Electric Ballroom for a set that is sure to be packed with eye catching shirts and big riffs.

The One Hundred

With a cheeky nod to the likes of Fred Durst and Mike Shinoda, The One Hundred bring the glory days of nu-metal kicking and screaming into the 21st century with their unique blend of metal, electro and rap. They’re still yet to release their debut EP, however with the singles Breed and Kingsmen, not to mention blistering live shows, the band have been turning many heads. There’s one of those shows happening at The Good Mixer this Saturday.

Hang The Bastard

One of the UK hardcore scene’s most underrated bands, yet Hang The Bastard have been slogging away for years now. Leaving a wake of destruction on sweatboxes up and down the country, they remain as intense and belligerent today as when they first started. Their set at the Barfly this weekend is set to be the sort of show that will have half the crowd tearing each other apart, while the other half quakes in fear at the carnage unfolding before them.

God Damn

There’s been a growing trend recently that has seen bassists up and down the country quaking with fear, as more and more two-pieces prove that they can make as much racket as any band with just a guitar and a trusty drum kit. Hailing from the West Midlands, God Damn are one of the noisiest of the bunch. Catch their lo-fi grunge meets stoner rock vibes at The Black Heart.


These Irish punks have swiftly earned themselves a reputation as trouble makers from their anarchic live shows. All hell is sure to be set loose once again when this lot ascend upon Camden this Saturday. They’re meant to be playing at the Black Cap, but given how unpredictable their shows are, it wouldn’t be a surprise if front man Aidan Coogan is actually terrorising the people trying to enjoy their burgers in McDonald’s.

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