These are the best six new songs you'll hear all week

Dillinger Escape Plan have announced details of a new album and that they're going on a lengthy hiatus
Dillinger Escape Plan: going out in a blaze of glory (Image credit: Chelsea Lauren\/WireImage)

We were going to write about how the Olympics in Rio had inspired us to dig out our trainers and start running again. You know, get into shape and try to live more healthily. Then one of the bands below revealed that they’re going on a long hiatus and put us in a mood. So we’re going to order pizza after pizza and shove it into our miserable faces.

We’re looking at you Dillinger Escape Plan.

CLUTCH – A Quick Death In Texas

On this track, which is taken from last year’s 11th album, Clutch have gone properly Western – the video for this steamroller of a song features Neil Fallon and co dressed as cowboys and engaged in a proper, old-school shoot out in a frontier town. Does Clint Eastwood make an appearance? You’ll have to watch to find out.

GOD DAMN – Sing This

This unrelenting, slightly psychedelic song from God Damn is taken from the Wolverhampton band’s forthcoming third album Everything Ever. A twisting, turning, gnarled and gritty track, it bristles with snarling and sinister tension but refuses to fully explode. Instead it leaves you wanting more so your only option is to play it again – and again – to satisfy the craving.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE – The Five Of Us Are Dying (Rough Mix)

Can it really be ten years since My Chemical Romance released The Black Parade? Apparently so. And with that anniversary comes a reissue that will include eleven unheard tracks from that album’s sessions. This outtake would eventually turn into Welcome To The Black Parade. Rough as it is , it gives some insight into band’s creative process and the giant leap this record made.


Taken from their forthcoming sixth album, Transit Blues, this track sees Dayton, Ohio metalcore types The Devil Wears Prada on typically incendiary form. Combining brutality with melody and some creepy imagery, it’s wrought with desperate emotion and is a more than promising first taste of what’s to come from the new record.


This week, the quintet revealed that they’ll release their new album Disassociation in October. But no sooner had the news registered in our brains, they quickly followed it up with the announcement that they’re to go on a lengthy hiatus. Which is like giving someone a big birthday cake then stamping it to bits with a heavy pair of boots. Way to ruin our summer, chaps.


The Antichrist Superstar has teamed up with outlaw country singer Waylon ‘Shooter’ Jennings for this impressive and heartfelt cover of this 1982 David Bowie track. It’s a formidable track in its own right, but the 8-bit animated video is a brilliant and enticing journey into a dark and mysterious world that anyone who had an Atari will immediately recognise.