New metal: Bornholm, Seven Sins and Wang Wen album reviews

Bornholm album cover

Bornholm – Primaeval Pantheons

Hungary’s Bornholm don’t get a lot of press, but they’ve been releasing strong works for over a decade. Stomping, Viking-tinged black metal that avoids an overly heroic approach and retains a suitably dark ambience. [8] DP

Seven Sins Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse

From Kazakhstan, this opulently attired five-piece ply sweeping and ethnically symphonic black metal that never lacks for commitment, even if their obvious sincerity hold them back from brazen lunacy of, say, Carach Angren. [7] JS

Wang Wen – Sweet Home, Go!

China’s Wang Wen use their ninth studio album to create vast, cinematic sounds that incorporate tension and lush narratives in its expanse. Sweet Home, Go! starts slow, but opens up beautifully as it moves forward. [7] CC