New EPs reviewed – Heriot, Immolated Moth and In Aeternum

Heriot EP cover

HeriotWorld Collapse

Rising doomcore heroes Heriot continue to impress with this ferocious new EP that fuses leather-lunged vocals together with riffs as heavy as Mjölnir. [7] EM

In AeternumThe Blasphemy Returns

Clearly revitalised by their nine years on hiatus, the band formerly known as Behemoth are back with four tracks of ravenous and righteously charged black/death whose bulldozing riffs still allow for moments of epic atmosphere. [7] JS

Immolated MothThis Broken Mind EP

Three tracks of harrowing and desperate death metal with a production so raw that it may give you food poisoning, This Broken Mind is strangely moving, as sole member Thom Bleasdale bares his troubled soul. [7] DL