New albums reviewed – Godless, God Mode and Hyponic

Godless album cover

GodlessCenturies Of Decadence

Four tracks of expertly calibrated, modern death metal from this new collection of seasoned Indian musicians, whose imposing presence is only let down by a bloodless mix from Psycroptic’s Joe Haley. [6] JS

God ModeHybrid Lying Machine

Off-target clean vocals aside, the by-the-numbers metal that this Turkish five-piece offer up with gusto here does its job well enough, but unfortunately offers little that will stick in the mind. [5] JH

Hyponic – 前行者

Sounding like they’ve been held captive in another dimension for the 11 years since their last album, Hong Kong’s Hyponic’s take on funeral doom is a bilious, brilliant warping of space, time and sanity. [8] JS