Metal photographer Jeremy Saffer has published a book of nude photography – with a black metal twist

Daughters of Darkness
(Image credit: Jeremy Saffer)

There comes a time in many photographers’ lives when they want to do something arty. Something lovely. Collectible. Something, maybe, that captures the beauty of the naked body. 

So it’s understandable that Jeremy Saffer – a guy who's been making the stars of metal look cool for many years now, and shot a ton of Metal Hammer and Guitar World covers to boot –  felt like that too.

What should be no surprise, is that Jeremy Saffer put his own twist on it.

Jeremy's coffee table art book, Daughters of Darkness, is a collection of fine art portraits of women in… corpse paint

Inspired by black metal and doom album cover art – which often featured nudes, someone in corpse paint, or both – Daughters of Darkness contains work gathered over 10 years, and shoots with more than 400 models from all over the world. Almost all of the models did their own corpse paint, are fans of black metal, and many of them are in bands themselves. 

Daughters of Darkness features many celebrities, actresses, musicians, and models (some under the cover of corpse-painted anonymity) and all of them donned only corpse paint for this book. 

Watch our video to hear from Jeremy and some of the models who posed for him, on the thinking behind a project that, like the music that inspired it, shows the duality of finding beauty in dark imagery, and finding darkness within beauty. 

Daughters of Darkness is a 288 page book available in several deluxe limited editions from, including signed editions, with a 2XLP vinyl soundtrack album and more. Visit  for more.