Matt Tuck's track-by-track guide to Bullet For My Valentine's new album Gravity

For sixth record Gravity, Matt Tuck took control of Bullet For My Valentine. Alongside going to sessions with co-writers and pushing the band in a new electronic direction, he looked deep inside himself when it came to lyrics. In the grip of marital difficulties, he explored the dynamic between himself and his partner, and re-evaluated his life. He talks us through the most personal tracks he’s ever written.

Leap Of Faith

“That whole song is about the band – the process of writing this record, and taking a bit of a leap of faith creatively. The song touches on the past of the band, and the bullshit that comes with being in one, but we're at this place now where we're looking to the future, not the past. The past is incredible, but it's nothing to do with what's going on now. We invented the band, but we're doing something different that makes us stand out again from everyone else and gives us a new fresh lease on our musical life.”

Over It

“That's a song based on our frustration about what was going on a couple of years ago with everything. It's about the frustration of wanting to get through hard times, basically.”

Letting You Go

“Again, it is what it says on the tin, really. It's about what I was going through with my relationship [Matt experienced difficulties in his marriage] and looking back on good times and bad times, and the best thing to do was to just kind of let everything go and move on with my life, really.”

Not Dead Yet

“There's a lot of stuff going on on this record, which was stuff about me, and stuff that kind of felt quite negative, even though it wasn't trying to be. There was just more songs about where I'm at and stuff. So I wanted to do a positive vibes song about not being dead yet, and we've achieved amazing things, and there's still a lot of life left in us yet, in our personal lives and in the band. Creative juices, you know. And so the song is about taking life by the paws and not giving up.”

The Very Last Time

“It’s kind of a brother or sister to Letting You Go. It's about focusing on what's important, and how important it is to move on with life, regardless of how bad things can be, and taking a shitty situation but trying to turn it around into a positive. Life's too short.”

Piece Of Me

“It’s definitely one of the angriest songs on the record. Again, it's a song about feeling like you're being taken advantage of. You give and give and give, and people take take take, and this song is like, ‘Fuck that, no more, not gonna happen.’ In general, people taking advantage of someone's good nature, and it's just about giving time, effort, love, affection – whatever you want to say really – and feeling like you don’t get anything back and they're taking another piece of you. It's hard to explain.”

Under Again

“It’s one of two super dark songs. It's when my head wasn't in a good place really, and I was just getting these waves of feeling shit and depression. It's a very dark song, but it's a song I can look back on now and it reminds me of a time where I know I've got the strength, and I'm strong enough to get by.”


“There are a lot of things in life that anchor you down, that are good and positive, and this song is about acknowledging that, embracing it, and taking the bad with the good.”


“It's the brother or sister of Under Again, which is very dark. It's about depression really, and going through hard times because of shit that's going on in your life, and just a metaphor for explaining how I felt. I couldn't focus on anything. I didn't feel like I was actually living my life anymore. So it's about that, really, and it's quite intense.”

Don't Need You

“That’s another song about frustration with relationships and about people taking the piss, and trying to explain to people that you don't need them to function – they need you. And it's a bit of a selfish middle finger to people that take advantage of people.”

Breathe Underwater

“It's a love song about telling someone to understand that it takes two to tango, and basically accepting your own flaws and not blaming other people for bad situations, and taking responsibility for things you're ultimately responsible for.”

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