Lithuanian black metallers Luctus stream new album and reveal UK date

Hailing from Lithuania, Luctus might be an unknown quantity to many followers of black metal, but the visceral, psychological velocity of their sound is fully in keeping with a new storm that’s been brewing over the underground landscape of late.

While Poland’s Mgła and Iceland’s Misþyrming have been blazing new paths to glory and unanimous acclaim, Luctus are similarly proving that there are still ways to throw off the yoke of orthodoxy and create something wholly immersive and in the moment without straying into the hipster-populated realms of post-BM. Not only have they just released an stupendous new album, Ryšys, via Inferna Profundus Records - one that combines strident sermons and surges with a distinctly urban sensibility that seeks out new vistas with bug-eyed velocity - the band are about to hit the UK on September 14, when they play Camden’s Fiddler’s Elbow, this coming Monday, September 14, alongside Belgian black’n’rollers Spermafrost and the UK’s own brutal black/thrashers, Premature Birth.

If you need any any more encouragement to throw yourself at the mercy of black metal’s new state of the art, we’re streaming Ryšys below in its full, soul-ravaging glory. Raise a torch, and we’ll see you at the barricades!

Get the full details on Luctus’s London date here.

Burrow down into Luctus’s Facebook page here.

And order Ryšys here.

And check out the full European tour dates below the poster.


LUCTUS (Lithuania) / SPERMAFROST (Belgium)

Sept 10 - Use Akschen, Bremen, DE

Sept 11 - The Cave Club, Amsterdam, NL

Sept 12 - Mezz Club, Breda, NL

Sept 13 - Smile Cafe, Liege, BE

Sept 14 - The Fiddler’s Elbow, London, GB

Sept 16 - Blue Rose Club, Milan, IT

Sept 17 - Titty Twister club, Parma, IT

Sept 18 - British Rock Stars Club, Bratislava, SK

Sept 19 - Deja Vu Club, Košice, SK

Jonathan Selzer

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