Listening to every Emmure song at the same time will make you feel sick

Every Emmure song played at the same time

Emmure have never been ones to explore the vast chasms of noise rock and experimental metal, but when every song they’ve ever written is jammed together suddenly it becomes an aural odyssey of raw emotion and pain. Sounding like a storm inside a riff, the sub-five minute mashup genuinely makes you feel a bit uncomfortable after a while. The chugging and breakdowns have been replaced by the tuneful distortion of earthquakes and anguish – you have to wait until 3:15 before you can actually hear some vocals, and fuck knows what happens at 3:50!

According to YouTuber 6TF2 who made the video, Frankie Palmeri himself has actually watched the video. No idea if he liked it or not, but it’s safe to say he’ll never hear his music in the same way again.

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